Anywhere But Here: A Short Horror Story

by Jordon Greene | Release Date: May 23, 2017Back

Have you ever woken in the middle of a dream only to find it isn't over?

For Taren Evans, it's reality. He's stricken with an unnerving disorder that forces him wide awake in the middle of his dreams, in the middle of his nightmares.

Unable to move or speak, Taren can only lie in bed, helpless, while the cruel dream world melds with the real world around him. A place where reality and fantasy become blurred.

When sleep becomes torment, could you close your eyes?

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About Jordon Greene

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Jordon Greene is the Award-Winning & Amazon Bestselling Horror Author of To Watch You Bleed and They'll Call It Treason. He is a full stack web developer for the nation’s largest privately owned shoe retailer and a graduate of UNC Charlotte. Jordon spends his time building web applications, attempting to sing along to his favorite rock songs, reading and, of course, writing. He lives in Concord, NC just close enough and just far enough away from Charlotte.