Helping Franklin/Kerr Press Leads to Great Rewards

by Jordon Greene | June 29, 2017Back

CONCORD, N.C. (June 29, 2017) -- Franklin/Kerr Press located in Concord, NC is a startup publishing company owned by fellow authors Jordon Greene and Caleb Wygal.

After both authors published novels through traditional- and self-publishing avenues, the two friends knew the difficulties other would-be authors had in getting their masterworks into print. Currently, there are two main methods to getting novels published. Authors can query dozens of agents and publishers in the hopes that one will return their email or self-publish.

The former route, traditional publishing, can entails months of querying publishers and agents and sometimes years of waiting. Self-publishing on the other hand puts the author in control of their book, but often times at the expense of a quality, well edited, and professional book. It may sound like a good idea, but the costs to self-publish a quality book, including professional editing, formatting, cover design and figuring out how to get a book to the market, quickly stacks up and often ends with authors taking the cheaper route and their book not being taken seriously.

Many authors get so excited to see their names in print after self-publishing, only to find that after publishing, the reviews come in slamming the author for the novel's shortcomings. It turns out that many novels that fall into this category actually have great stories that get overlooked.

This is where Franklin/Kerr comes in. We are a traditional small press, so we handle the editing, formatting, design, and publishing at no cost to the author. We guide our authors on how to promote their novels and help along the way. We use our knowledge of the publishing world to walk hand-in-hand with each writer as they go on this journey to print and digital formats. It’s in our interest that your work is a success.

To that end, starting a publishing company is not inexpensive. We need your help so we can help these authors.

That is why we are establishing a campaign on IndieGoGo.

We’re not just asking for money though. For your help we have multiple perks for different levels of contribution. You can receive signed copies of our books, your name in print in the Acknowledgments section of our first two anthologies, and/or a walk-on role in one of Caleb or Jordon's upcoming novels!

So contribute today so we can help aspiring authors tomorrow!



For more information about Franklin/Kerr Press contact Jordon Greene at 704-659-3915 or by e-mail at